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Administer Estate Assets

From advising all heirs of an estate, to resolving all debts, Belforti & DuPont will walk you through each step of administering an estate. We will advise you on matters from appointment of the personal representative through to fiduciary assistance. 

  • Appointment of the personal representative:

  • Inventory of the estate non-estate assets for tax purposes

  • Payment of administrative expenses, debts, and claims against the estate

  • Preparation and filing of the appropriate fiduciaries paperwork

  • Supervisor of the remaining (net) estate / trust assets to the appropriate heirs/ beneficiaries

Get help settling an estate

Sorting through estate papers, wills, and trusts is a tedious task that may take some time. Let our team help you and your family get through this difficult time with ease

Take the right steps to account for estate assets

Receive the comprehensive legal assistance you need from Belforti & DuPont.


Our team will make sure you understand your legal rights and advise you at each step of the process.



Do you need help sorting through an estate's paperwork? Call us today to make an appointment.


  • Appointment of personal representative

  • Advising heirs

  • Advising fiduciaries

  • Probate of decedents will