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The law office of Belforti & DuPont deals in elder law, wills, trusts, estates, and real estate law. We will help you establish and finalize your estate planning documents. Trust our professional staff to assist you and know that your family's future is secure.

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Prepare for the future with a new will and with estate planning. Everyone will have peace of mind that the future is protected with legal documents.

Make sure your elderly loved ones get the health care they need by setting up a long-term care plan.

We will help preserve your assets in accordance with the law.  

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we provide you with the legal guidance you need. We can handle both residential and commercial real estate cases.

Get the help you need when a loved one has passed away. We will assist in settling all debts and validating the will and distributing  any assets from the estate.

Draw up a new will

Long-term care planning

Buy or sell real estate

Estate Administration

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